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nanoXIM products for medical applications are synthetic bioactive hydroxyapatite (HAp) and tricalcium phosphate (TCP) nano-sized materials used to manufacture medical devices.

These products are very similar to the mineral component of bone, having excellent biocompatibility and the capacity to form strong and stable chemical bonds with bone tissue. As a result of its nanostructure, nanoXIM materials mimic the surface characteristics present in natural hard tissues, improving their biological performance.

nanoXIM products have 100 % hydroxyapatite phase purity and are available as aqueous pastes and powders.


nanoXIM products for oral care applications are bioactive nano-hydroxyapatite ingredients available as a water based suspension and a fine powder form. 

Nano-hydroxyapatite is the major component of teeth hard tissue, corresponding to 97 % of the enamel and up to 70% of dentin. The tooth enamel building blocks are hydroxyapatite nanocrystals that can hardly be repaired naturally at a rate which maintains teeth integrity avoiding hypersensitivity.

The nanoXIM ingredients for oral applications are key components in oral care products formulations that effectively reduce dental hypersensitivity while enhancing enamel remineralization.


nanoXIM products for food applications are bioactive nano-hydroxyapatite ingredients available as a water based suspension and a fine powder form.

Calcium phosphates have been widely used to promote bone strength and health in dietary supplements and fortified drinks. Nano-hydroxyapatite is especially suited for these applications as it accounts for up to 70% of human bone.

Functional chewing-gums with nano-hydroxyapatite are suited for enamel re-building avoiding sensitivity.

The nanoXIM ingredients are easy to incorporate in formulations for food applications, both to bone fortification and/or to tooth enamel remineralization, effectively reducing dental hypersensitivity.


nanoXIM products are suitable to be used in all known applications of hydroxyapatite, e.g. chromatography, catalysis, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Hydroxyapatite has been used in chromatography to develop very selective isolation processes of biomolecules such as proteins, nucleic acids and antibodies.

Stoichiometric hydroxyapatite (Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2) is stable up to 1000ºC and recognized as an effective catalyst. It also is known to function as a catalyst with both acid and base sites. In pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, hydroxyapatatite has been studied as an inorganic drug carrier to treat diseases through the release of drugs and biomolecules.






FLUIDINOVA  is  a  specialized  manufacturer  and supplier of  synthetic  nano-hydroxyapatite  and  tricalcium  phosphate  materials marketed as nanoXIM. The high quality standards of our products aim at providing companies around the world that operate in the industries of medical devices, oral care and food. Our focus on customer satisfaction and innovation helps us to establish close relationships with clients to develop the best solutions to incorporate our materials in their final products to address a vast number of applications.

Located in the Porto area, Portugal, FLUIDINOVA was created in 2005 as a spin-off from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.  Having  Computational  Fluid  Dynamics  as core  knowledge  base  the  team  developed  a proprietary technology – NETmix - to perform chemical reactions that require perfect mixing at a micro to nanoscale.

Over time the core business of FLUIDINOVA evolved to the manufacturing and supplying the nanoXIM products using the NETmix technology.


Our policy

FLUIDINOVA, S.A. develops, produces and markets products based on nano sized calcium phosphates. It is our permanent goal:

Exceed stakeholder’s expectations, namely customers and shareholders;
Ensure continuous improvement and innovation of our processes and products;
Ensure the qualification and autonomy of our employees as a way of guaranteeing sustained growth and continuity of the company;
Comply with all legal and regulatory requirements applied to our activity and products;
Transform failures and risks into opportunities for improvement;
Facing mistakes as learning exercises;
Ensure periodic monitoring of the achieved results, reviewing and updating company objectives and policy.









FLUIDINOVA implemented a Quality Management System and is certified according to ISO-9001 standard in the scope of Production of Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticles by SGS.  Our Quality Management System represents a strong commitment to continuous improvement in the process and product development and it is also important for FLUIDINOVA’s strategic orientation supporting the following concepts:

Be a referenced in the production of nanohydroxyapatite and tricalcium phosphate materials;
Be recognized as excellent producer, ensuring full customer satisfaction;
Ensure the compliance of all requirements of the Quality Management System and all the applicable legal requirements;
Involving all the collaborators in the continuous improvement and efficiency of the quality system.


Download ISO 9001 Certificate








NETmix® the Innovative Static Mixer

Patented proprietary technology of FLUIDINOVA (WO2005077508). This technology is a new concept developed for mixing liquids and/or gases with a unique and reproducible control of fluid mixture, features that are extremely important in the control of complex reactions.


NETmix® Concept

Network of chambers interconnected by channels. The innovative structure of NETmix® makes it suitable for setting particular designs of chambers and channels enabling the control of mixing quality, reaction conversion and selectivity. This feature is an advantage of this technology relatively to common reactors where these parameters are difficult to set and control.

The NETmix® technology has specific applications in the organic synthesis of pharmaceutical products, precipitates and polymeric particles with controlled particle size distribution.


NETmix® Advantages

Perfect mixing at micro and macro level
Maximization of reaction selectivity
Direct scale-up
Operation versatility
Easily linked to additional equipment
Easy temperature control


NETmix® Applications

NETmix® enables the design of new chemical reactors, from micro-reactors to large-scale reactors with application in the production of nanomaterials; polymerization reactions, for promoting a finer control of the molecular weight distributions; precipitation reactions, to obtain a finer manipulation on crystal sizes; in oxidation reactions, allowing the control of the reacting steps in order to achieve an effective control on the selectivity of the desired products; and in highly exothermic catalytic reactions, potentially explosive, permitting an effective and secure control of the reacting temperature during the reactive process.

The NETmix® technology has been successfully applied to the synthesis of calcium phosphate nanoparticles, magnetic and metal organic nanoparticles, metal-organic frameworks, polymeric microcapsules and API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) encapsulation.












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Talented, passionate and innovative. That’s what we are! FLUIDINOVA wishes to attract highly qualified and motivated people.

If you have the right profile, feel free to send us your CV by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION: The security and privacy of your Personal Data is important to us. FLUIDINOVA, S.A. complies with the General Data Protection Regulation in force in EU.

When you give us your personal data, we will only use them for the purpose for which it was provided. If you do not wish us to collect your Personal Information, please do not transmit it.





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